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New York Sponsors

New York
Legislators Sponsoring the Right to Clean Water & Air

NY Senators
Rober JacksonPrimary31D, WF
Joseph Addabbo JrCosponsor15D
Jeremey A. CooneyCosponsor56D, WF
James GaughranCosponsor5D
Michelle HincheyCosponsor46D, WF
Brad HoylmanCosponsor27D, WF
Todd KaminskyCosponsor9D
Anna KaplanCosponsor7D, IP, WF
Brian KavanaghCosponsor26D
NY Senators
Liz KruegerCosponsor28D, WF
John W. MannionCosponsor50D
Rachel MayCosponsor53D, WF
Kevin S. ParkerCosponsor21D, WF
Elijah Reichlin-MelnickCosponsor38D, WF
James SandersCosponsor10D
Jose SerranoCosponsor29D, WF
Kevin ThomasCosponsor6D

Check out this exclusive interview with primary sponsor Assemblyman Englebright, released on National Green Amendment Day (7/13/21)


NY Assembly Members
Steve EnglebrightPrimary4D
Aileen GuntherCosponsor100D
Alicia HyndmanCosponsor29D
Angelo SantabarbaraCosponsor111D
Anna KellesCosponsor125D
Carmen De La RosaCosponsor72D
Catalina CruzCosponsor39D
Catherine NolanCosponsor37D
Chantel JacksonCosponsor79D
Charles LavineCosponsor13D
Chris BurdickCosponsor93D
David WeprinCosponsor24D
Deborah GlickCosponsor66D
Didi BarrettCosponsor106D
Donna LupardoCosponsor123D
Fred ThieleCosponsor1D
Harry B BronsonCosponsor138D
Harvey EpsteinCosponsor74D
Inez E. DickensCosponsor70D
Jaime WilliamsCosponsor59D
Jeffrey DinowitzCosponsor81D
Jeffrion AubryCosponsor35D
Jen LunsfordCosponsor135D
Jenifer RajkumarCosponsor38D
Jessica Gonzalez-RojasCosponsor34D
Jo Anne SimonCosponsor52D
Jonathan JacobsonCosponsor104D
Jose RiveraCosponsor78D
NY Assembly Members
Judy GriffinCosponsor21D
Kenneth ZebrowskiCosponsor96D
Khaleel AndersonCosponsor31D
Kimberly Jean-PierreCosponsor11D
Latrice WalkerCosponsor55D
Linda RosenthalCosponsor67D
Maritza DavilaCosponsor53D
Michael BenedettoCosponsor82D
N. Nick PerryCosponsor58D
Nader SayeghCosponsor90D
Nily RozicCosponsor2D
Pamela HunterCosponsor128D
Patricia FahyCosponsor109D
Phara Souffrant ForrestCosponsor57D
Phil SteckCosponsor110D
Philip RamosCosponsor6D
Rebecca SeawrightCosponsor76D
Richard GottfriedCosponsor75D
Robert CarrollCosponsor44D
Rodneyse BichotteCosponsor42D
Sandy GalefCosponsor95D
Stefani ZinermanCosponsor56D
Steven OtisCosponsor91D
Thomas AbinantiCosponsor92D
Vivian CookCosponsor32D
William ColtonCosponsor47D
William MagnarelliCosponsor129D

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