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Advance a Green Amendment in New York

Rally & March – July 12 – to Celebrate & Challenge

Rally & March to Celebrate Our New York Green Amendment & Challenge NY Government to Embrace It

When: July 12 at Noon

Where: Albany on the steps of the NY State Capitol

What:  A Rally and March to Lift Up the Protections our NY Green Amendment is providing communities & to challenge Governor Hochul, Attorney General James, and our new NY DEC Commissioner to embrace the power & obligation for protection it demands.

Join leaders, activists, and Green Amendment plaintiffs for a Rally and March to celebrate New York’s Green Amendment in Albany, NY on July 12.

Sign up here to attend & learn more: 

New York is one of only 3 states in the ENTIRE United States that has a Green Amendment. Meaning, New York has given the people of its state a constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment for current and  future generations. By a vote of over 70% of New Yorkers in 2021, this powerful right was added to the New York Declaration of Rights, giving the power to the people to defend their environmental rights. 

July 12, on the steps of the NY State Capitol, we will lift up the power and values of having this constitutional right, & we will challenge New York’s government leaders (Governor Hochul, Attorney General L. James, the newly appointed NY DEC Commissioner) to embrace the opportunity and obligation for greater environmental protection and environmental justice the NY Green Amendment provides. 

By lifting up New York’s Green Amendment we will also be inspiring communities in the 20 other states seeking these same powerful protections.

The more that gather, the stronger our message that We The People demand our government leaders respect and protect our environmental rights. 


Write an Opinion Piece or Letter to the Editor

Write an Opinion Piece or Letter to the Editor to your local paper
Help us spread the word that New Yorkers now have a right to clean water and air, and a healthful environment! Let your community members know what a environmental rights are and how they can help your community and environment.

Putting the NY Green Amendment to Work

Now that New Yorkers have a constitutional right to clean water and air, and a healthful environment, it is time to put this right to work – smartly!

Whenever advocating around an environmental issues, it is important to mention the constitutional right, pursuant to Article 1 Section 19 of the state constitution, of all New Yorkers to clean water and air, and a healthful environment.  Remind your government officials — whether elected, appointed or onstaff — that they have a constitutional obligation to protect your environmental rights.

A look at our resources page can help you find the right words and points to make.  Please note, we are updating the tools at the resources page but the points and articles at this link will give you good ideas while we work to update our NY specific tools now that NY has this constitutional right.

If you think there is a constitutional violation once all is said and done, it may be worth contacting legal counsel or a NY state legal clinic to discuss whether your rights have been violated and legal action is warranted.

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