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The Virtual Webinar Series

Green Amendments For The Generations, Environmental Advocates of New York, and Adirondack Mountain Club bring you a three-part webinar series that will take a deep dive into New York’s efforts to secure a Green Amendment.

Watch the New York Green Amendment Virtual Webinar Series below:
New York Green Amendment Virtual Webinar, Part 1
New York Green Amendment Virtual Webinar, Part 2
New York Green Amendment Virtual Webinar, Part 3

An Emmy Nominated Show

Here’s The Story, an Emmy nominated show that premiered in 2011 and is produced by acclaimed journalist Steve Rogers, is now featuring a two part show featuring the Green Amendment movement. The show joins Maya as she explores the history of the Green Amendment movement and meets with environmental, political and legal leaders key to the movements past, present and future. Among those interviewed is NJ Governor Phil Murphy, PA Senator Franklin Kury who originally conceived of the idea for PA, and the chief justice who wrote the iconic opinion that helped launch the movement.

You can watch the show, see Facebook live chats with some of the key players, and see the full interviews that were conducted as part of the show here: Here’s the Story: The Green Amendment.

FAQs for a Green Amendment in New York

In late 2016, Hoosick Falls kids helped launch a campaign to ensure a Constitutional right to healthy air, clean water, and a safe climate for all New Yorkers. After years of unknowingly drinking water contaminated with the toxic chemical PFAS, Hoosick Falls residents came together to demand a fundamental right to clean drinking water. Together Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Green Amendments For The Generations, Environmental Advocates of New York & Adirondack Mountain Club are standing alongside Hoosick Falls and other communities across the state to fight for a constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a healthful environment.

A Letter from Maya K. van Rossum: Racial Justice Demands Constitutional “Green Amendments”

Read GAFTG Founder, Maya van Rossum’s open letter calling for environmental and racial justice, which offers a tangible pathway to change. Check out the moving video piece in which 24 diverse leaders and activists joined van Rossum in delivering the letter.

Free Resources for Educators

Working with experienced scientists and lawyers as well as classroom teachers and a curriculum specialist, GAFTG developed a free downloadable Teacher’s Guide which complements the book, The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment. This curriculum is designed to engage and challenge students both with class work and community involvement.

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